Support Us

How can you support us?

We at Jersken always and truly appreciate any form of donations from all well wishers out there. Through your various donations we have been able to help the children. We for example need support to be able to improve the kitchen to allow us to look after more children.

You can help through any one of the ways shown alongside.

Join us and help us raise money by helping in our shop, running events and other means. Call 07797 810162 or 07797 888818 or email

You can also visit our warehouse for any enquiries you have or donations.

Ways of supporting us


Simply donate some cash into one of our collecting tins at various shops or during any of the events that we run.


You can send us a cheque to the addresses provided in the Contact Us Page


Similarly you can transfer money directly to our bank account, call us for details. You could even setup a standing order.


Donate online using your debit or credit card using the PayPal/Donate Button.

If you are fortunate to be a full rate Jersey Income Tax Payer and you are able to give us a lump sum of £50 or more, follow this link

For more information on this follow this link